Scenic Route

I wonder what happened on that detour?

10 thoughts on “Scenic Route

  1. Sorry, it is a guy thing, it is in out genetics to avoid asking for directions no matter what the situation! =^^;

  2. I’ve always reasoned, “if I get home eventually, I wasn’t REALLY lost”…

  3. I’ve had some ” not in the right place ” problems myself with my Garmin. Ralf’s GPS ( Galaxy Positioning System ) might have some spotty data in it too. I have found that gas stations many time have people at them that can’t find their own way home, much less give directions. To quote a old frontiersman ” I’ve never been lost but I’ve been a mite bewildered a few times “

  4. Hmmm… shades of the Infinite Improbability Drive from The Hitchhikers Guide, methinks… 🙂


    1. It would be fun to see a falling whale in the background.

    2. Or a pot of (was it pelargonias?)…

  5. Ol’ Gul said: It would be fun to see a falling whale in the background.

    1. Thanks for the whale, liked the bandaid and the worried look. The falling may not be so bad but the sudden stop will leave a mark.

  6. Now THAT would make for a fun side-story!

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