Screwy Wabbit

But she ain't goin' to Alcatwaz...

0 thoughts on “Screwy Wabbit

  1. Poor Lexi, I really despise Beth now! =^^=

  2. You can obviously tell this guy is a good story teller by how much I HATE that annoying little girl. It’s borderline irrational.

  3. “Never” is a really long ti. . . oh, wait. Not so long after all.

    The little storm cloud was perfect.
    Hope it doesn’t start raining. . . .

  4. ya know. . . .
    Beth could be a perfect disguise for Ralf. That hair could hide his ears/antennae – and they’re both about the same size. . . .

    1. Haha! I agree! Her pigtails would be perfect for that.

  5. That Beth sure knows how to push people’s buttons. Not a safe person to be around.

  6. Would that be Principal Seymour Kinner, or maybe Armin Tamzarian

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