Gothra may be getting a bit impatient...

7 thoughts on “Studious

  1. Procrastination, research, sometimes it is just all in the way you spell it! =^^=

  2. I think that’s the “crass” part of pro-cras-tination…

  3. Wait till he discovers mosquitoes.

    1. Mosquitoes – Psssst – indestructible comes in handy now and then.

  4. Hoorays! You’re baaack!!! And Ralf’s mission now includes… CAMPFIRES!!! Oooh, I wonder if we’ll have a “telling creepy stories around the campfire” bit? Pitty-pease?! With sugar and a cherry on top~???

  5. He’s going to discover whether he’s really indestructible in a moment when the giant on the lower right of Panel One tramples his ship flat.

  6. Impatient because waiting for the next shot on him? ^^

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