If Ralf only knew what a menace he was when he's not even around...

6 thoughts on “Unspeakable

  1. Soo, Lexi’s father is Bill Cosby? It seems to me that he said that boys are much easier to raise.

    1. Boys scare the Moms when their younger… girls scare their Dads as they get older… 🙄

  2. Musleblast the Ultimate Gamer

    Glad to see an update! And it’s even funnier than ever! Great webcomic!

  3. Hoaky smokes! My withdrawal symtoms were ge4eting pretty bad. Your power back yet?

  4. sorry big scott, been quite busy w/ the site prepping for 2012. did some reddit/stumbling for ya yesterday on this one (the classic parenting scene, ha!) 🙂

    1. No problem, I was busy on a different project too, thanks for the stumbles.

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