Deep Thoughts

The difference between paranoia and foresight may simply be timing...

6 thoughts on “Deep Thoughts

  1. Hee, hee, it all depends on one’s perspective! =^^=

  2. It really all depends on the person~ Most people wouldn’t want to die, (unless they’re REALLY depressed) but they might do something which seems fun but is ultimately going to cost them their lives. (Like smoking, doing dangerous thrill-seeking stunts, etc.) Some people are wiser than others.

  3. Survival entails much planning and effort while dying is more passive. Sort of like excercising for health or just thinking about doing it later and wasting away in the meantime. Right now I have to lift some weights to keep bone strength and muscle mass or find a soft couch and let my knees rest and hope the pain goes away by itself. Which is easier?

  4. Safety first. ^^ Glad to see that Lext put up some signs. :XD Still i’ve a nagging feeling who will wind up (or down?) in that hole….

  5. So… has no one else noticed that Lexi has been saying all along that Ralf will blow up earth and then she makes a bomb shelter?

    Which is on earth?

    That she is building to keep her safe from EARTH BLOWING UP????

    1. It’s that same logic that gets kids to hide under their desk if a nuclear bomb goes off…

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