At least Ralf can stay on track when he's missing the point...

6 thoughts on “Crossed

  1. I think Kaiser said coming CLOSE to death with someone else, not getting vaporized with them…

    (Albeit getting vaporized together would bring about potentially much greater levels of closeness with one’s physical matter if the clouds intermingled…) =^^=

  2. Ralf, my boy?, close to death is like mostly dead. Destroying the earth moves the mostly dead column over into the entirely dead one and doesn’t help or teach a lesson to humanity since they would all be missing anyway. I know, details, but worth considering, yeah?

    1. And the propblem of his plan? Would humanity learn any other way? If not, why not go through with it…

  3. The problem is, which track?

  4. Heh… that’s our boy…

    Always doing the wrong thing
    for the wrong reason. 10 for 10
    as usual. 🙂


  5. This might work:
    Ralf causes a worldwide quake, then, before the Earth disintegrates, he transfers all the earthlings to the original Earth which was left uninhabited when Pinky and the Brain got everyone to move to their homemade papier-mache Earth (by offering everyone free tee-shirts). This close-call might make everyone grateful to have an Earth to live on (even if it is papier-mache)…

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