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5 thoughts on “Unfinished

  1. Guess what, the still intact mirror too catched my eyes, even before reading the text. :XD

    1. Well, if the mirror is intact, you know the shotgun hasn’t come out… so how could it be over?

  2. That IS a rather big mirror…

    1. It’s your standard issue “throw a chair (bottle or punk) and empty the bar when it breaks” mirror…

  3. Saw a western one time where every time a saloon fight broke out the bartender hauled out a shotgun and fired one round in the air. He then threatened to use the other barrel on anyone that broke his mirror “imported at great expense all the way from St. Louis,” and told them to take it outside. Naturally at the end of the movie he broke the mirror himself. That first shotgun blast got one of the overhead lamp supports which swung down right into the mirror.

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