Years ago a co-worker of mine told me a story that actually went like this... he of course was smart enough to leave, immediately.

9 thoughts on “Azrael

  1. Love the strip!

    1. Thanks, that one took an extended work day to finish… I love doing strips like that but today I’m exhausted.

  2. Yikes, Condition Orange – scope out the exits and prepare to engage afterburners. I learned a long time ago to avoid places that were not Ideal for my continued existence.

    1. Unfortunately, Ralf is still learning that lesson…

  3. A reason why i normally prefer seats next the exit. :XD

  4. On the plus side, as of this time, he just smashed the peanut dispenser and not Ralf’s face! =^^=

    Thanks for the extended holiday treat! 😀

  5. In a similar vein… ‘Never argue with anything that
    has more teeth than you do’… A basic survival
    tip that has served me well over many years.


  6. Ah, so THAT explains that Buddhist festival…!

  7. Q: “Where’s the back door?”
    A: “We don’t have one.”
    Q: “Where would you like one?”

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