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No honor among Raggies...

7 thoughts on “Friendships

  1. Ralf applied for a credit card? o.0

    This is news to me.

  2. Hi, does Ralf offer stock tips?

  3. Application? Why would Ralf WANT one?

  4. Seems like there’s a problem going on the the “forward” button on some of the recent pages, this one included. It’s showing up in the archive, too, and not thinking there’s any new posts. Just thought you should know.

    1. Thanks, I noticed that recently too. I’ll see what can be done. 🙂

      1. Maybe you could include some JavaScript for keyboard shortcuts too, clicking that button is getting annoying (reading your entire comic from start today)

        1. Well the buttons are page to page but for a over all view there’s an Archive List button below the comic or you can try the Thumbnail Archive, but if you just want to pick up where you left off there’s a “Tag page” button above the comic to the left that lets you “bookmark” it so to speak. Hope that helps.

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