If Ralf hasn't dodged the men in black, who might the hidden agent be?

4 thoughts on “Update

  1. Musleblast the Ultimate Gamer

    It’s actually more than one agent, because the agent on the phone said that “their” cover wasn’t blown. If it was one person, the agent would have said “No– ‘his/her/the agents’ cover is still intact.”

    But those two have Ralfs credit card application. If Ralf wrote on the application, they know all his information.

    Scott, are the agents those two creeps who beat up and stole from Ralf?

    1. More likely the Diner peoples.

  2. Actually, I thought he was talking about Ralf when he said “Their cover is still intact.”

    But I was thinking a diner person, too. He’s wearing glasses, and he has either a balding head or a haircut which is turned up at the ends.

  3. All I can say now is, Ralf has met quite a few people since the MIB checked in last…

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