That's one way of looking at it...

6 thoughts on “Girls

  1. D> And yet, they still complain! Am I right or am I RIGHT?!

    1. I’ll take the 5th on this one…

  2. Scott –

    Re the previous strip – I know the look of angry New Yorkers, trust me! The Simpsons actually once did a one-off gag on how the sidewalks in Springfield were “filled with angry New Yorkers.”

    Looks like Ralf has very quickly gained an understanding of the true power structure in our civilization.

    I like how he’s just nonchalantly carrying his ray gun around town and no one cares. As the slogan goes – “Only in New York!”

    1. ” I paint what I see ” 😉

  3. This one is terrific! This is my favorite one so far. You rock!

    1. Thank you very much! I was looking forward to this one as well.

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