Life Line Please

Ralf's safety may rest on the answer...

8 thoughts on “Life Line Please

  1. Elvis or the Beatles, that is a tricky question!

    Weird Al, Ralf go with Weird Al!!!! 😀

    1. Yes, still love that Anime Polka. 😀

    2. Well I know I’m a fan of Weird Al, however, Ralf may not be as aware of pop culture icons…

  2. Give him another random tech power resembling an ***pull trope, so he can check the internet… Actually, save that for later. It would be neat if he looks at the internet and his suit gets a virus or something. :b

    1. I try to avoid “deus ex machina” (or as I call it, writing yourself into a corner)… Ralf is already more capable than he knows… or does he?

      If you hang in and catch the comic books, as well as the strip, more will be revealed about what Xyoan’s are actually capable of and why he is here.

  3. You know it seems like I suggested some thing like this last update 🙂

    But as for the Answer to the Question, there is only one right answer

    1. Well a few of you have managed to predict some character traits and story directions. There is bound to be some level of predictability in story-telling. I just try to avoid too much if I can.

  4. True, and I hope our suggestions are helping you out as well. and aren’t the useless rambling of your fan-dom.

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