Novel Thoughts

In all fairness, one is commonly mistaken for the other...

8 thoughts on “Novel Thoughts

  1. Uh-oh inter-species relatipnship!

    Do those ever work out? =^^=

    1. Let’s see if it’s reciprocal before we call it a relationship.

      1. What do you mean? How else would he get that info?

  2. Great strip, Scott. Love knows no bounds, but love itself!.. =)

  3. Wow nice job drawing the feminine form. Is it more difficult than drawing little green men? Is there a reason you won’t publish the strip on Thursdays?

    1. With male or female, the prettier they are the tougher it is. Features need to remain subtle and symmetrical, which always poses some hurdles.

      I don’t usually publish on Thursdays because I’m on a 3 day schedule, Mon, Wed & Fri. If I updated on Thursday it would be fore either 7 days a week (which I’m not yet ready for) or two days a week.

      My guess is most readers prefer 3 days vs 2 days… but I could be wrong.

  4. Well, i’m under the impression that most male members of the species ‘human’ are braindamaged, inklusive myself. :mrgreen:
    But that’s fine, it helps to stay sane. 😉

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