On The Fly

7 thoughts on “On The Fly

  1. Hmmm, either falling to splat is a more pleasant sensation than getting crushed, or I bet that he can change his gun into a flight pack! =^^=

  2. How about singing loudly “I’m learning to fly, but i ain’t got wings…” :XD

  3. wait he’s got the cellphone saucer in his hip pocket, err, bag of holding, err alternated dimension.

  4. Hi, I thought this was supposed to be a “gag a day” strip. However I find depictions of child endangerment very unsettling.

    1. It’s a cautionary tale to parents… Watch your kids or they’ll wander onto demolition sites with aliens… I think it’s a pretty universal message.

  5. And Now We Know… And Knowing Is Half The Battle…….The other half is knowing how to fly when jumping out of a skyscraper!

    1. No one ever tells you how much harder the second half of the battle is…

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