One More

Think Erin's Dad may be Casey Jones...

5 thoughts on “One More

  1. Ma! She’s talking to her toys again! A real weird one too! =^^=

  2. Those are the best surprises. Babies. No, not really.

  3. Two questions. . .
    “Who” are you tellin’?
    and exactly what relationship is that to you? hmmm?

  4. I always wanted a younger sibling… Not because I liked children or anything, but just because I wanted to try out all the tricks and jokes my older siblings tried on me.

    And Erin’s mom is now a Super-WoMom! I’m impressed the last kid is normal, considering the problems normally associated with late-age pregnancies.

    1. Practice, practice, practice… However, Beth is well… Beth.

      Stay tuned in for that.

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