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13 thoughts on “Pursuit

  1. Talking about an universal constant…. :XD

  2. Smart one Lincoln, very smart.

  3. Ralf get stuck again?

  4. Yep, apparently Ralf got stuck again…

  5. I am sorry the Patreon did not work out. I shall miss Ralf. 🙁

  6. Still waiting for Ralf to get out of this one. Looking forward to more of Ralf.

  7. He the site is back up!!!!! Will it be long before the adventure continues?

  8. Please bring Ralf back. Cliff hangers are one thing but this is agony …..

  9. Wow, What the Hell happened? I was reading this strip on Tapas, and it stopped at June 14, 2024. Now, suddenly, I am reading a bunch more strips that didn’t show on Tapas, and they stop at July 27, 2017. What the F**k? And, I see that your copyright dates back to 2004.

    1. The comic was originally supposed to be syndicated in newspapers in 2008, but after reaching an agreement with the syndicate the editor went back on his word, locked me out and flamed me online, effectively ruining my career. On my own I had built a site for it, but the site became infected by tons of viruses. I eventually rebuilt the site and continued the story, but always struggled to get traffic (though I did have some wonderfully supportive readers).

      At that point the strip had been horizontal black and white. After a huge burn out period I figured I’d try one more big swing. I rebuilt thew site for mobile devices, colored almost 500 strips and formatted them for vertical scroll. I started reposting in color every weekday on multiple social media sites and paying for ads on certain platforms to see where I could get some more readers/subscribers. Which brings us here, new comics will start posting here (and the aforementioned platforms) July 17th.

  10. Ok, I STILL want to know why, I have gone from running out of strips on Tapas in 2024, to running out of strips back in 2017.

    1. I’m cutting Tapas and Webtoons as their terms of service keep changing and not in ways that favor the creators. I’m also culling the number of social media sites I post to as well. I’ll keep posting here (on my site) Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and I’m looking into Substack.

      1. Thank you for your replys. I am often flummoxed by the comings and goings of web strips. I hope things get better for you soon. Hopefully, you’ll have the last laugh on that puke editor.

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