[ {Title: Ralf the Destroyer by Scott Lincoln} ]

[ {Ralf: I can never remember who YIELDS at a rotary...} ]

[ {Commander: The Trans Galactic Council has DECREED that if a XYOAN is found, to ESCORT it to the senate.} ]

[ {Lieutenant: SIR?! A Xyoan?! They want a DESTROYER?! They are a PLAGUE to the 32 known galaxies! A SINGLE destroyer can leave an ENTIRE armada in RUIN!} ]

[ {Commander: Calm down Lieutenant. It's highly UNLIKELY to even FIND one away from its collective.} ]

[ (SPLAT!) ]

[ {Commander: DESTROYER! Code RED! Plan Omega! PLAN OMEGA!} {Ralf: WHOA! They should put a yield sign there.} ]
2 2252


Honestly, that question tripped me up on my driving test...

2 thoughts on “Yielding

  1. Beautiful work! Why hasn’t this series been syndicated?!

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