A Sentient Moment

A sentient moment...

4 thoughts on “A Sentient Moment

  1. Funny that Instiq almost sounds like Cintiq. Is that what you use for illustration, Scott?

    1. Well I do own and use a small Cintiq on a number of projects. However, Ralf the Destroyer is done entirely by hand on Canson “Fanboy” art boards with an actual Winson & Newton brushes and India ink. I really like having “original art” when I’m done with a strip.

  2. That’s right, we’ve discussed your use of India ink before, my apologies. How do you like the Cintiq? I use an Intuos 4 and I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews about the Cintiq. When you say small Cintiq are you talking about the 12 inch or smaller? I’ve read that 21″ is overkill, and frankly since that’s bigger than my laptop monitor I tend to agree.

    1. Hey Dan, I do like the intuitive feel the Cintiq offers since I like to spin my work a lot to get the best “drawing arch” and being able to look right at what I’m drawing is really nice too.

      I have the 12″ version, but honestly, if I could have afforded the 21″ at the time… I’d have purchased that. The 12″ is very handy as I can hold it like a pad or on my lap but, extra elbow room of the 21″ would be nice and I could keep my drawings and tools all on one screen. For sketching and coloring comics the 12″ is good, but for day to day animation or more complex comic book work the extra space would be an improvement.

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