Ominous Voice: Like a galactic predator, the Noropian flagship "Gothra" (a continent sized battleship) approaches Earth cloaked in the Moon's shadow...

Ominous Voice: Size - 1000mi across, Plasma Cannon - 1 Zettwatt, Purpose - Destroy Earth, Sole occupant - Ralf the Destroyer

Ralf: I just love the reverb on this PA system
5 4537

Big Intro

The acoustics must be tremendous.

5 thoughts on “Big Intro

  1. YESH! Looking forward to this each week! I remember reading about this being developed for syndication. Saw your ads, brought me here. Nowthen – all you have to do is ad some ad space onto the site too! Look forward to this, Scott. Good luck!

    1. Hey Dave! Glad the ads are working (boy what a difference they make) and the Legend of Bill site looks great by the way. I’m also happy to hear you’ll be stopping in from time to time. May the Legend of Bill continue to grow.

  2. Thanks, Scott! Look forward to the next strips. 😉

  3. i just looked up all possible interpretations for Ml (or is it MI?) and not a single one of them has anything to do with size… my only guess is that you meant mile or invented a new measurement as scifi is apt to do.
    Can you clarify which is it?

    1. Sorry for the confusion. The “mi.” is an abbreviation for “miles” which means the Gothra is about half as wide (in diameter) as Earth’s moon 😉

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