Eye Sore

I'm betting there are still unopened boxes from the move too...

5 thoughts on “Eye Sore

  1. Of coure THAT came with the ship…

  2. Waitaminit… Self-replicating tendrils, Ralf, just what are you into!?! >O.o;

    Hmmm, that table is probably a pedicure / massage device for those species whose bodies are covered in industrial grade diamonds! =^^=

    1. The tendrils are a self growing network, since Gothra has none, to link the various systems… So Ralf can control a ship solo, which was designed for a crew of millions.

  3. Some of the other factory options are heated leather bucket seats and that totally rocking sound system. Used vehicles sometimes have add-ons that don’t suit the tastes of the new owner/driver.

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