Gothra Recommissioned

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9 thoughts on “Gothra Recommissioned

  1. Sounds like Starslip Crisis! I’ve been reading your strip for awhile now and I’m a fan. Do you use india ink originals or draw the artwork digitally? Honestly, I can’t tell.

    1. Hey StealThis, Thank you very much for stopping by and reading, I’m glad you enjoy Ralf the Destroyer!

      As for making the comics; I do all the strips on Fanboy Art board. I pencil with a light blue col-erase pencil, hand letter it with speedball pens and ink it in with a brush and crow quill pen.

      Although I am set up to make comics digitally, with this strip I just like having tangible art work to hold in my hands when I’m done (plus I get a kick out of making stars with a toothbrush).

  2. Mr. Lincoln does his art straigt up old school.

    1. You are correct sir.

      In answer to your previous question, some of the strips have older copyright marks for three reasons.

      Firstly because they were part of the original set that I included in my syndicate submission.

      Secondly because I did partial trial run to explain the story for editors and test readers.

      And thirdly because I produced a month’s worth of daily material for United Features in 2007 under an unwritten development agreement.

      But as an added note, the above strip is the last of those three reservoirs. All strips from here on are completely new material. Being an art collector, you may notice the slight jump in art quality an extra three years has afforded me 😉

  3. I never heard of fanboy art board. For b&w artwork, I totally prefer the traditional approach as to digital. Digital in b@w sometimes looks lifeless to me. Keep up the great work Scott.

    1. Hey Charles! Thanks for the kind words. I believe CANSON is the the manufacturer of Fanboy Art Boards. I ordered mine from Blick Art Supplies, but I’m sure they’re available else where too 😀

  4. Echoing the commenters that followed me, that’s great you’re a traditionalist. I started out that way and roughly five strips in I realized that the amount of time it would take me to create a strip the “right” way was just overwhelming. It looks like the Fanboy Art board may have pre-drawn panel frames on it. That’s helpful, but boy I bet this takes a lot of time nonetheless. Nice job.

  5. Good Stuff Scott , I checked in to get my fix !!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Wayne, you’re welcome any time. I see you’ve got Jersey-D up on his own site… Congrats and good luck!

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