Head On

Science fiction TV shows and movies... Who can name them all?

9 thoughts on “Head On

  1. Woot Dr Who’s Cybermen made the cut 😉

  2. Scott… I am your father (sorry had to go there)

    1. No you didn’t… and I’m holding you accountable.

  3. In addition to the Cyberman, I think I see a Cylon, Klaatu’s helmet from “The Day the Earth Stood Still”, and Rick’s from Robotech. The last one stumps me though. Good stuff

    1. Nice call, the last one was tough to draw too because of the angle… it’s a bit tricky because it’s an Earth based sci-fi helmet from the 80’s… I had to include it since I watched the show every week.

  4. That wouldn’t be The helmet from Buck Rogers would it? (upper left)

    1. No, but I can see where you might think that. I used to watch that show all the time too… never realized how perverse it was till I got it on DVD, LOL!

  5. Last helmet, lower left, I’d have to say it looks like it came from the tv show “Airwolf”.

    1. Secret Word!
      HOLY SMOKE Torri! You Guessed the secret Woid!

      I didn’t think anyone was going to figure that one out. I am impressed, I will send you a free sketch. Contact me by email if you would like it so I know where to mail it.

      Great guesses all, you never know what or when the Secret Woid will be!

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