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8 thoughts on “Leadership

  1. Good one!

    Now what Ralph doesn’t realize is that this guy really is a triple PhD from MIT, with degrees in engineering, electronics, and Family Consumer Economics! =^^=

    Occasionally one just has to escape civilization for the summer! 😀

    1. I think he escaped consciousness…

  2. Luckily i wasn’t in Ralfs place, my ‘hate’ of bureaucracy would let me had pull the trigger. :XDD

    1. Been to the Dept. of Motor Vehicles have you?

    2. @ Scott
      Nah, just working in the pharmaceutical industry. 😉

  3. show of hands, who’s surprised?

    Seriously, good comic!

    1. Thank you very much… since we live here it should come as no surprise.

  4. Ralf is really out in the sticks!

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