Missing Details

They're all keeping up appearances...

8 thoughts on “Missing Details

  1. I like the addition of the Spy vs. Spy guy.

    Ralf’s been carrying that ray gun around for awhile now. The anticipation is growing – when’s Ralf going to shoot something?!?

    1. I do enjoy seeing creative costumes at Comic Con myself 🙂

  2. o0;…Forgive my lack of intellect, (I think half my brain got left back in the other strip) what does Ralf mean?!

    1. I’ll respond by e-mail for this question.

  3. Wow, I just got linked here from another forum, and caught up on the story, great work nd great imagination! =^^=

    I’m looking forward to see how this unfolds, you have a lot of possibilities and plot options with a fair amount of depth to our little hero…

    I just hope that he doesn’t blow the Earth up, not that the loss of Pittsburgh would be that big a deal. (I can say that because I live there 😀 )

    Hopefully he has fun in New York! =^^=

    Thanks for sharing your creativity!

    1. Thanks for spending the time to read through and for your kind words, Tbolt! Hope you continue to enjoy the story 🙂

  4. People seem to think Ralf is in NYC. Is that where the story is taking palce right now?

    1. Well it is strongly implied.

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