5 thoughts on “Motivation

  1. Further proof that there are far worse fates than death.

    I, for one, would NOT want to survive getting my head blown off!

    1. but the real trick figuring out how to take aspirin for the phantom limb pains, when that limb has your mouth on it 😛

  2. And another lesson for Lexi me thinks. 😉

    1. she’s impulsive at times, but she is a quick study!

  3. Yes, it really, really does. I have had six near death experiences, including two physician pronouncements of time of death in the hospital. I probably won’t revisit this page, but yes death and reincarnation into the same battered and scarred body. Yeppers, when I finally die from this body I will be pleased with the ride. (I am not trying to die, I just figure I keep surviving because I do not know how to slip this mortal coil. It also relieves me of the responsibility of God or the Universe reanimated me for something important).

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