Pointing Out The Obvious

Pointing out the obvious...

7 thoughts on “Pointing Out The Obvious

  1. Life-like and interactive!

    1. HD/3D and interactive… he’s on the cutting edge! 😛

  2. Man, the one time Ralf could really use that ray gun and it’s in the holster!

    I know, I know, he’s not going to blast Lexi.

    Btw Scott, your characters page, etc. is really impressive. Who codes your site? Is it DIY or did you hire someone?

    1. Thanks Dan, yes I did build the whole site including the character page (with much forum help for Comicpress).

      That character section took me quite a while since it was a learn as I went deal. I used a lot of material from tutorials at CartoonSmart.com to build it in Flash. The tutorials weren’t very expensive and had a lot of cartoon/flash based lessons.

  3. Wow, nicely done. Whatever amount of time you spent was worth it!

  4. Life-like and interactive!

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