Smooth Talker

It can't hurt to be personable...

4 thoughts on “Smooth Talker

  1. Hi everybody,

    I just wanted to give a quick testimonial. I notice Scott has displayed a commission did for me under the “commission” section of this site. I could not be any happier with his work. The piece is one of the great “prizes” of my collection. If you love original art or have an idea for a project in mind, don’t pass on Mr. Lincoln.
    Dilly Fan

  2. I’m glad you mentioned the singing voice because I keep hearing HAL 9000’s voice when the computer talks.

    1. Yes, I know the feeling. I’m more partial to female voices for the ship’s computer, like Star Trek, Andromeda, or Wall-E… even though HAL sets the standard. I did like that a HAL like voice was used for Brainiac in the WB animated Superman series.

      I like the topic though of what voices people hear when reading a comic. It’s always interesting to me, that and they sometimes strips do make it to animation.

  3. 😉 Yeeeaaaahh! B) Score with the Main-Computer, and good things will come! ;)Nice move Scott!

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