Survey Says

6 thoughts on “Survey Says

  1. LOL, the AI had to say this, hadn’t she? ^^
    Still i’m curious what the loop hole might be.

    1. Well that may come to light in the future, Cemalidor 😉

      Also, you won third place in the Anniversary drawing, contact me and I’ll send your prize out.

  2. Looks like again i missed a memo. :XD Didn’t know i was in a competition.

    1. I just entered all the people who made comments over the last year.

  3. Well… i guess i’ll start posting comments!

    I really like your strip… even though i did had some hard time figuring what was wrong with inverted thane 🙂

    And will we see Lexi again?

    1. Thanks for posting Rob, glad you are enjoying the strip! Safe to say, Lexi plays a pivotal role.

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