To The Point

It's an important theme...

6 thoughts on “To The Point

  1. That is a big difference that Ralf could make…

    Ending world hunger, peace in the middle east, resolving the entire global warming debate…

    Would we like the solution once we got it, though? =^^=

    1. You just try and fix things and you end up vilified… what’s an alien to do? 😉

  2. The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant compared to the power of the . . . oh, nevermind.

    1. My favorites are “Apology accepted…” and “I find your lack of faith, disturbing…” 😀

  3. That’s a very touching moral. It gives you hope for life…until the little bugger kills us all.

    1. “and so the circle of life is complete”… of course that always seems like a misnomer, a real circle of life would actually be eternal life (since it has no end). Hm, either way, we shall see.

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