Truth Or Hare

Maybe they don't...

4 thoughts on “Truth Or Hare

  1. Hi I just want to give a quick testimonial. I purchased one of you original strips. The art work is beautiful! If any of your fans want to purchase a piece of your art it is well worth the money.

    Thank you again for a wonderful addition to my collection( which includes pieces from Chic young, Mort Walker, All Capp, Mel Casson and now… Scott Lincoln).

    The art from your most recent story line reminds me of Walt Kelly. Is he an artist who has influenced your work?

    1. There are many sources that are an influence on my style. But yes, Walt Kelly was one of them. He, Dik Brown and Will Eisner were exceptional at spotting blacks with beautiful line work, which is what I aspired to learn from them.

      I did assisted Guy Gilchrist for a number of years. Some time before I met him there was talk of a Pogo re-launch and Guy was asked by the family to be the artist. So there was at least an indirect influence there as well.

  2. Hee, hee! Critter pile on the green guy! =^^=

    The joy of pen on paper, cannot be felt by those of us that have succumbed to the tyrrany of the digitizer tablet!

  3. You know, Ralf could switch tactics and try and Conquer the world with Cuteness instead.

    Doesn’t seem to have much problems recruiting Local Sepoy’s

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