Walk This Way

All roads lead to...

6 thoughts on “Walk This Way

  1. People must have mistaken him for someone dressed up as Greedo!

  2. What happened did I miss something? Wasn’t Ralf getting mugged by some guy w/ a gun? I thought this was supposed to be a continuity strip !?

    1. It’s not a pure continuity strip, it is also a gag a day strip… like “For Better or for Worse” which did this too (well in structure not content). So occasionally, a gag is just a gag. 🙄

  3. So……? Did Ralf blow the guys head off or not? Sorry Im having a difficult time letting go.

    1. Remember when you ate the last page of the “Flash vs Superman race” comic book before I could read it…

  4. LOL! Nuff Said!

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