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July 17th

It’s official! July 17th 2024 the first new “Ralf the Destroyer” comic, in quite some time, will be posting. In addition the site has returned to its original (non scrolling, archival home page) format so the newest comic will be posting to the homepage from now on.

I am also thinning the number of Social media sites I post to, so I can focus on this site and which social media platforms work best. Please speak up on those sites you use, to help my consideration.

Yes, It’s back for 2024!

As some have surmised from binge reading this site and those who have been original readers, the last (formerly published) comic strip was back in 2017. I always maintained that my desire was to complete this story and it is my plan that the adventure will continue starting in July 2024. The above image is a week of brand new, penciled strips picking up right where the story left off and more are to come.

I’ve spent the last couple years retro coloring all the strips and rebuilding the website on a more secure server as well as trying to learn how to build a healthy social media presence. The reposting of strips on social media will all catch up to the site in July, so that’s when the new strips will pick up and I will revert the site back to a more standard “webcomic” format. Between now and July it is my intention to build up my buffer and start re-releasing the books in color as digital collections.

Though the road has been rife with difficulties, it has always been my great pleasure to create this story and it is my great hope that all of you will enjoy the adventure with me.

Bitten Apple TV

I have been invited to discuss “Ralf the Destroyer” on the livestream YouTube channel, Bitten Apple TV, which is hosted out of New York by Rafael Tavares. The live stream starts May 8th, 7:30pm EST (Monday night) 2023. I hope some of you will join us for what I expect to be an up beat and engaging, live video chat.

Update: The interview went well and all parties involved seem to have had a good time geeking out.

Below is the video conversation.

Site Repair

The Ralf the Destroyer site is repaired! If you have tried accessing the site and found images not loading or the site hanging, It turns out there were http/https conflicts. The good news is I believe I may have resolved these issues and ralfthedestroyer.com seems to be preforming much better.

Thanks to DrJackSahib on Reddit for pointing me in the correct direction.

2022 Major Overhaul

As of this writing (June first, 2022) the “Ralf the Destroyer” website has undergone a complete revision. First and most importantly the site’s hosting has been moved to InMotion which prides itself in repelling spam and malware (no going cheap this time) I’m making the investment for a safe viewing experience. While all of the old posts were migrated over, the site itself was a clean rebuild using the Toocheke theme which offers the infinite scroll archive on the landing page. Also, every single strip has been refinished to provide a warmer, more nostalgic, reading.

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