Ralf: I think my application may have been rushed

Estelle: Each individual and application are carefully considered and given the utmost attention and respect

Ralf: You put me in a dunk tank, I CAN'T SWIM!

Estelle: We thought treading water was a perfect fit for you
3 2090

Sinking Suspicion

Ralf encounters some friction at the Career Placement office.

3 thoughts on “Sinking Suspicion

  1. Looks like his career just went down the drain. His ratings probably sunk like a rock. He’ll need somebody to buoy him up. Insert water-themed pun here.

  2. Man, this is a raw deal. Even worse than the deal Fry received in Futurama!

    1. At least Fry got in a few good years delivering pizza and watching tv before he was frozen…

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