Stage Fight

Well, it was bound to happen...

7 thoughts on “Stage Fight

  1. A deadly killing machine that makes pleasant music at night!

    1. I know! Now everyone will want one!

  2. Hello,

    I have a question. It states in the subtitle(or someplace) this is a comic about “the day the earth stood still and no one noticed” Does the whole story take place during just one day?

    1. It’s just a reference to the CLASSIC movie by the same name, where an alien arrives to warn the people of Earth not to extend their greed and violence beyond their own planet or they will be destroyed.

      Neither the original movie or Ralf the Destroyer take place in a single day. The title merely refers to a pinnacle moment in the story.

  3. Sorry i thought(and actually had hoped) you would give me a bit more of a wise a** answer

    1. In that case: It takes place on the same day of the week I add extra peas to my tuna casserole…

  4. Ralfs line should be “This is your last possibility to surrender” ^^

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