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The Local Artist’s Show

This is an interview I did on a YouTube channel called “The Local Artist’s Show” with Rich Cyr and Wilbert “Wibo” Boles. Wibo was a friend of twenty years and I hadn’t done any promotion in a while, but he was adamant that he wanted to have me on his show. Wibo had a huge heart and just loved people of every walk, it’s hard to say “no” to such a friend.

Anyhow, this is a pretty casual interview and we discuss how I got started, Ralf as a feature, thoughts on various comic related subjects and some of the books I was involved in making or worked on.

Ralf Sighting!

Ralf the Destroyer is now available on the WebToon platform, online and app! If you are someone who already uses the app, you’ll have a new way to read  ‘Ralf the Destroyer” and if you don’t… it can’t hurt to try, it’s free! The mobile app is quick and easy to use. It allows subscribing and remembers where you left off reading as well as offering off-line viewing!

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Opportunity Knocked, It Needed Color

So, here’s what has been going on…

I have been working with the good folks at the Ink Bottle Syndicate to get Ralf the Destroyer into newspapers. This has turned out to be an epic project (by epic, I mean it’s taken many years). My hope is that 2015 will be the year Ralf gets out of the “gate” because… I really need the strip to turn the corner on making an income and I truly believe it can really take off if it can see newsprint.

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Must Read for 2014

Although I announced this on our Facebook page, Ralf the Destroyer made into the “Best Webcomics to Follow in 2014” list over at the website “The 100 Best Graphic Novels“. This site’s goal is to help old and new graphic novel fans to find something to new to read. Currently,  listing the top 100 graphic novels of all time as a good starting point. There are also weekly reviews and recommendations based on what the author reading at the time.

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TGT Media Tournament Round 3

At first glance it appeared that Ralf had made it into the semi-finals, but there were actually three rounds before that.

I am super happy that so many showed up to vote for the second round! This round (3rd) I’m up against Robin Dempsey who does “LeyLines“. She is a fine artist, storyteller and member of Webcomics Alliance crew who are (from my experience) fine group of artists.

Never the less, I still would love to see how far Ralf the Destroyer can go and your votes are what make he difference! Please be sure to stop over at TGT Media and cast your vote for Ralf the Destroyer in Bracket 2 (no less)!

Thanks for our continued support!